Spring into Calving with CCF

Spring into Calving with CCF

Kirsty Tamilia, Calf & Youngstock Specialist

With the spring calving season nearly upon us, there are many ways of maximising your calves’ health and nutrition, whilst also ensuring you have the essentials for easy, stress-free calving. Calves are the future of the herd, therefore should be treated with upmost importance, especially during the milk feeding phase of their early life.


Ensure Passive Transfer of Essential Antibodies

Colostrum is essential for early life survival, with major effects on mortality and morbidity if antibody uptake from colostrum is not sufficient. We understand that colostrum quality and quantity is not always sufficient from the dam, and although this is always the first choice, we have several artificial colostrum replacers to save the day. Our products vary in price-range and quality depending on supplementation or replacement, with products including ‘United Farmers Colostrum’ and ‘Nettex Gold’. Without colostrum uptake, calves are already behind in hitting their rearing targets.


Choosing the Appropriate Milk Replacer for your System

The first 8 weeks of a calf’s life are critical to creating a profitable and productive cow. The choice of nutrition during this time massively impacts calf performance. Therefore, choosing the most suited milk powder for your system can be daunting, which is where CCF can guide you. We have a range of different milk powders available, with both Skim and Whey based options. With spring fast approaching, now is the best time to look for your milk powder replacement, to ensure optimum performance for the future of your herd.

Call our Calf and Youngstock Specialist today to explore your options.


Maximise Growth with a Quality Dry Feed

Dry feed intake is essential to ensure rumen development, alongside milk feeding. CCF can offer a variety of feed for calves, including coarse mixtures, blends and nuts. We make our coarse mixtures and blend in our feed mill in Glanrhyd, which ensures a quality product at reasonable prices for our customers. We have had great success with dry feed intake in young calves on these products, which helps our farmers achieve more profitable cows.

Centenary youngstock feeds are available in bags, totes or bulk. These options are always available from your nearest branch.


CCF Calf Jacket

With a cold spring approaching it’s important to keep calves warm. Did you know that calves under the age of 3 weeks use energy to regulate their body temperature, once environmental temperatures drop below 15°C? Calf jackets ensure that calves are provided with supplementary heat, which in turn reduces prevalence of disease challenge. Our CCF calf jackets are manufactured to a high standard, being both breathable and water repellent. At a standard size of 80cm, most young calves will benefit from the sizing. With adjustable belly and chest straps, maximum freedom and comfort is allowed, with room for adjustment as the calf grows.

£13.50/jacket. Whilst stocks last!


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