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The hidden dangers of spring grass

Spring is officially upon us which means as the days get longer, the weather gets warmer and grass flourishes, horse owners up and down the country will looking forward to turning their horses out. Whilst many embrace the break from mucking out, the arrival of lush spring grass can dampen …

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Solutions to deter Badger access on-farm

Bovine Tuberculosis continues to be a major challenge to cattle keepers in Wales. Our range of drinking and feeding troughs give you the option to prevent badger access to feed and water and reduce the risk of transmission between wildlife and farm animals.


JFC Water Troughs

A lot …

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Get Ready for Lambing!

Find out more about our range of feeds, sundries and equipment to make your life easier this spring.


Maintain ewe condition and lamb growth

70% of foetal growth occurs during the last six weeks of pregnancy. As the lambs grow and take increasing space, the rumen is compressed resulting …

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Prepare for Spring Calving

Llinos Ford, Calf & Youngstock Team

With the beginning of the Spring Calving season nearly here, read on to find out more on how to maximise your calves’ health and nutrition, and how to make the work easier with our range of equipment and sundries.


Choose the Best Calf …

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Prospects For Winter Dairy 2021/22

Phil Evans, Field Sales Manager and Dairy Specialist

The last 18 months or so have been difficult to say the least. Covid has changed the world in so many ways some good and some bad. Brexit has added to the challenge and brought some opportunities. Most industries are struggling with …

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Top up your horse’s Forage for the night shift

As horse and pony owners, we are becoming far more aware now of the importance of forage in our animals’ diets. Recommendations are that up to 100% of the equine diet should be provided by forage.

The importance of fibre in the equine diet is because the horse’s highly developed …

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