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The importance of Electrolytes & Hydration for your Horse

Written by Kate Hore RNutr (Animal) R.Anim.Technol Senior Nutritionist at NAF

One of the most important aspects of your horse’s summer health is to ensure they stay suitably hydrated, and what is lost through sweat is adequately replaced.

Water is, quite simply, the most important aspect of your horses’ diet. …

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TopSpec Topical Tip – Iron

The primary function of iron is as a component of haemoglobin, which is vital for the transport of oxygen from the lungs to the tissues. It is also a component of other proteins e.g. myoglobin, which transports oxygen in muscle tissue. Iron also supports anti-oxidant function and is involved in …

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TopSpec Topical Tip – Iodine

Iodine is very well known as it is contained in thyroid hormones e.g. thyroxin, a powerful hormone, contained largely in the thyroid gland, which controls growth and is essential for healthy metabolism, thermoregulation and reproduction. Therefore iodine is also essential for all these functions. During pregnancy, the placenta concentrates iodine …

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Spring into Calving with CCF

Kirsty Tamilia, Calf & Youngstock Specialist

With the spring calving season nearly upon us, there are many ways of maximising your calves’ health and nutrition, whilst also ensuring you have the essentials for easy, stress-free calving. Calves are the future of the herd, therefore should be treated with upmost importance, …

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Dairy herd fertility and milk uplifts after Crystalyx mineral licks introduced.

Offering dry cows and in-calf heifers free-access mineral licks has lifted fertility and early lactation milk yields in a high performing Pembrokeshire dairy herd, with cows producing in excess of 40 litres within 10 days of calving. Mark and Caroline Davies milk 250 pedigree Holstein Friesian cows in a robotic …

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Colleagues Take On Month-long Challenge for Two Charities

Colleagues from CCF set themselves a month-long challenge to virtually tour the 19 CCF locations across Wales, whilst raising £10,000 for charity.

The company wide fundraising challenge saw participants aim to complete the 435 miles loop by either walking, running, or cycling to get the miles. The challenge was accompanied …

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The hidden dangers of spring grass

Spring is officially upon us which means as the days get longer, the weather gets warmer and grass flourishes, horse owners up and down the country will looking forward to turning their horses out. Whilst many embrace the break from mucking out, the arrival of lush spring grass can dampen …

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Solutions to deter Badger access on-farm

Bovine Tuberculosis continues to be a major challenge to cattle keepers in Wales. Our range of drinking and feeding troughs give you the option to prevent badger access to feed and water and reduce the risk of transmission between wildlife and farm animals.


JFC Water Troughs

A lot …

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Top up your horse’s Forage for the night shift

As horse and pony owners, we are becoming far more aware now of the importance of forage in our animals’ diets. Recommendations are that up to 100% of the equine diet should be provided by forage.

The importance of fibre in the equine diet is because the horse’s highly developed …

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