Get Ready for Lambing!

Get Ready for Lambing!

Find out more about our range of feeds, sundries and equipment to make your life easier this spring.


Maintain ewe condition and lamb growth

70% of foetal growth occurs during the last six weeks of pregnancy. As the lambs grow and take increasing space, the rumen is compressed resulting in a 30% reduction of the ewe’s appetite. During this time there is also a rapid increase in the ewe’s protein and energy requirements, therefore it is important to increase the ration’s nutrient density to keep pace with foetal growth. Supplementary concentrate feeding should complement the forage offered and gradually increased by step rate or flat rate feeding.

Our Centenary range of ewe feeds contains various nuts, rolls and blends to suit your needs. Ewe Gold 19 & Elite Ewe 19 are high quality 19% protein feeds with a high available protected energy source to lactating ewes for maximum lamb survival and growth from quality milk. Ewe Extra 18 is an 18% protein, easily digested fully mineralised complementary feed with added vitamins – available as a 6mm nut or 12mm roll.

The JFC Fixed Body Swivel Wheelbarrow (TWB2) is made from a tough and durable polyethylene body mounted on a galvanised metal frame. This allows easy transportation of bulk feed on-farm thanks to the three-wheel design for manoeuvrability, especially in tight spaces. Accurately measure and distribute feed using a quality plastic or metal feed scoop – available in store.


Give your lambs the best start

Prevention of disease is key to ensure a healthy and productive lamb growth. Start by ensuring that all lambs’ navels are dipped with 10% Iodine as soon as possible after birth and again 24 hours later if required.
Ensure that lambs have a minimum of 50ml/kg birthweight of colostrum within the first 2 hours of life and 10% of its bodyweight of colostrum within 24 hours. Ewes in correct condition should produce good-quality colostrum identified by being thick and of yellow colour.
When applying tail or castration rings, ensure that a correct technique and clean equipment is used to reduce the risk of infection.

The Country range of lambing essentials has all you need including 10% Iodine, Superlube Gel and Newborn Lamb 5 in 1.
Where additional support is required, the JFC Lamb Warming Box is an ideal solution to aid recovery. It provides a constant flow of warm air to gently heat lambs, designed with a slatted floor and vents to encourage circular flow of air for even warming from the included 2000w heater.


Watch remotely from the FarmCam 360

The FarmCam 360 allows you to watch your flock in Full HD from a smartphone, tablet or computer. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use (IP65), the built-in battery and optional solar panel allows installation where there is no access to power. The 360° view including night vision, motion detection recording and alarm also makes it an ideal security camera. Includes 3 year warranty. Wi-fi connection required.

Call your nearest branch for prices and configuration options.