FEC Testing at CCF

FEC Testing at CCF

FECPAK faecal egg count testing (also known as FEC or worm egg count testing) is now available at CCF!

Frequent testing allows farmers to treat the right animals at the best time with the correct treatment, and is an important decision-making tool.

FECs can be used to:

  • Help determine the need to treat
  • Test the efficacy of a treatment (testing for resistance)
  • Give information on the amount of contamination going onto the pasture

How do I get my sample tested?

  • Purchase a test kit from your local CCF branch
  • Collect and label a fresh sample
  • Drop off your sample at your nearest CCF branch
  • Receive your results by telephone or email
  • Discuss your results (and treatment options if required) with a RAMA staff member

How do I use my test kit?

For more information, please contact Caryl Haf on 01974 298 472