Optimise your Farm Nutrients

We help you optimise the efficiency of nutrients on your farm.

Analytical Services

Soil Analysis

Measure your current soil nutrient status to make the best management decisions for your crops. Basic (S1) soil analysis is available for only £12+VAT per sample – advanced analysis also available.

Manures and Slurry

Get to know the value and calculate optimum application rates of slurry and manure using our analytical services. The basic organic manure analysis is only £50+VAT per sample with additional options available for more detailed nutrient reports.

Correct pH

Correct pH improves efficiency

Ensuring soil is at optimum pH is essential to maximise nutrient availability for crop uptake. Many plant-essential nutrients are most available at pH 6.5, particularly phosphorus which is crucial for crop growth.

Save time with prilled Lime

Ground lime can take up to 12 months to have its maximum effect. Prilled lime works in as little as 6 weeks from application, enabling you to beat the delay and reap the rewards this growing season!
Available in 25kg and 600kg bags. Suitable for spreading using a fertiliser spreader.

DIGEST-IT Slurry Innoculant


  • Grow better quality crops
  • Increase NUE
  • Reduces agitation time and smell
  • Reduces ammonia emissions from slurry

Available in 20L drums. Typical usage rate: 10L per 100 cows per month.